Designing with Photoshop / Illustrator.

- Splattergoat Photoshop / Illustrator Design Instructions -

#1. Pick Your Preferred Grip Tape Sheet Size.
( 6 x 24" - 9 x 33" - 11" x 44" )

#2. Setup Your Design File.
( Create A New File in your Chosen Sheet Size Above, Setup in 150+ DPI, and in the RGB color profile. Files created in CMYK may print with washed out blacks.)

#3. Build & Create Your Design.
( Setup Your Design EXACTLY How You Want It To Be Printed. If You Want A Black Background, Make Your Designs Background Black. When Creating Your Design, Take A Moment To Look Over The Dimensions of the Deck You Plan To Install This Grip Tape on, Figuring out Your Safety / Cutoff Areas, So Everything Important In Your Design Ends Up on Your Deck as Planned! )

#4. Export / Save Your Design in .JPEG or .PNG.

#5. Upload Your Design To Our Website.
( Once Your File Is Saved and Ready For Upload, Head Back to our Site and Launch The Sheet Size Design App Template That Matches Your Design Size. There, You'll Upload Your File and Stretch / Drag it to Size to Cover The Entire Design Area with Your Pre-Made Design. Take A Second To Make Sure It's Placed Exactly How You Want It and It Covers The Entire Design Area. Once Finished, You'll Click "Continue Purchase" to Save Your Design. You'll then be Taken To A Dedicated Product Page For Your Custom Design, Where You'll Choose Your Quantity and Add It to Cart. You're Now Good To Go To Place Your Custom Order! )

( When Uploading Print Files Larger Than 150 DPI, Sometimes The Designer May Display Your Design In A Pixelated / Blurry Fashion. This Is A Protection Feature Within The Software To Help The App Not Crash From Processing / Displaying Large Artwork Files and ONLY Effects The Preview of Your Design. We'll Receive The Raw File Exactly As You Saved It, No Pixelation Included :]. )

If You Have ANY Questions, Please DM us on Instagram ( @SplattergoatGripTape ) or Email us: