How To Create Print Ready Graphics!

You can create your own Print Ready Graphics with tons of different softwares, including Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, Gimp, Affinity and many others.

There is a cool website that simulates a Photoshop experience from your browser as well, and it's free!

While our Online Designer Software is stable enough for simple graphic setups, you’ll have access to more features and control of your graphics using one of the options above.

You can also create your design with Canva and share your finished project with us: and this will allow us to export the project in high resolution even if you're using the free version on your end!

Skateboard Grip Tape & Skate Decks

Download: 9x33" Bleed Template PNG 300dpi

Longboard Grip Tape

Create in: 7700px (by) 1925px / 11 x 44 inches

Both skate decks and standard grip tape start with a white base color. All white in your design will print as white. Please include your background color, even if it's black, in your print file to ensure it turns out as you expect it. Save your finished graphic in JPEG or PNG format.

You can now upload your graphic to our website, or email the print file to and we'll send you an invoice.