Splattergoat Terms & Policy:


**Orders generally ship within 3-5 business days:

At times of high demand, this timeline may increase. We suggest if you need your order as soon as possible that you upgrade your shipping speed for the quickest turnaround experience.


**All grip tape purchases are final:

Every purchase is made to order and begins processing the moment your order is placed. We do not offer returns, exchanges, or order cancellations. 

If you notice you made a mistake and need to make an alteration to your graphic, we can help. If your sheet(s) have not been printed yet, we can put your original order on hold until the new order is placed with the corrected graphic(s), and cancel/refund the original order at that time. We will not cancel/refund the original order until a replacement has been ordered. If you’d like us to alter the graphic for you on our end, there will be an additional fee of $5 tacked onto the original order for design time. If your sheet has already been printed, but hasn’t yet shipped, we can re-make your order with the fixed graphic for a $6 fee. You will receive both sheets in this instance.


**Graphic & Print Quality:

Your order is printed at 600dpi, double the industry standard for digital graphic printing. Our equipment is cleaned and verified to be fully operational every day to ensure printer related issues do not alter your submitted graphics. Sheets themselves are quality checked during the finishing and packaging stage to ensure printer-related errors do not leave our facility. We are very serious about this.

Grip tape is a gritty, uneven surface by nature. You will never get the same final print quality that you would on paper or poster because of the gritty surface.

Your provided image quality makes or breaks your final product. Graphics personally designed in Photoshop/Illustrator/Etc and exported as JPEG/PNG at 300dpi are the most recommended, also known as a production / print ready file. 

Obviously, the average person does not have the ability or skill set to create print ready files, and that’s okay! To help ensure your custom graphic created with our designer turns out it’s best, ensure you’re using high enough quality images. An easy way to verify an image's quality is to open the image on your phone or computer and zoom in. If the image immediately becomes distorted/blurry, it’s too low quality for a good print. Our printing process is VERY forgiving. Your images don’t have to be perfect. But the better they are, the better the final result will be.

Your custom printed sheet may have slightly different colors than those you see on your screen. Displays on computers and cell phones all show colors differently. We do our best to ensure we get as close as possible every time to what we see on our screen when preparing your order.

If you feel as though you received a defective sheet, please send us an email and we’ll look into a resolution for you. A sheet is deemed defective if it’s damaged in shipping, a manufacturing defect with the sheet's adhesive, or there is something wrong with the printed image itself. When it comes to image related defective claims, we will only replace your sheet if it’s deemed you received a printing related error.


**Return to sender packages:

If your package is returned to Splattergoat for any reason, you will be responsible for the total cost of return shipping. We only ship to the address provided, exactly how it’s written. We will not refund orders returned to sender. Orders returned to sender that have a matching address as provided at time of purchase on the shipping label itself will require you to pay additional shipping costs for reshipment. If an error is made on our end in regards to the address printed on the label incorrectly, we will re-ship your order free of charge.


**Packages lost in shipping:

USA orders deemed lost during transit by UPS/USPS will be re-printed and re-shipped free of charge.

USA orders deemed delivered to the wrong address must call the shipping service (UPS/USPS) immediately with your tracking number so they may geotrack down where your package was left, and attempt to intercept it and re-deliver it back to you. We will work with you to resolve the issue if the shipper cannot track down your package.

International orders shipped via USPS First Class International are not considered lost in transit until 45 days after your package was shipped. Depending on how we shipped your order, there may be insurance on the package, which we will file a claim if we deem your package was lost. We will not provide refunds for any reason related to lost in transit claims, your order will be re-shipped free of charge once deemed lost.


**International orders import taxes & fees:

All orders to Canada & Rest of World are shipped taxes and duties unpaid. You are only charged for the shipping label cost at checkout. We are unable to quote these fees in advance. There will be no refund if you decline delivery and initiate a return to sender because of duties/fees/taxes requested by the shipper at time of delivery. Every country and final delivery service is different in what they request/charge, if anything.


**Artwork / Copyright policy:

Images and graphics uploaded to Splattergoat.com are the sole responsibility of the buyer. It is up to you to use common sense when uploading and ordering graphics. We are a custom products company that prints what is submitted and does not advocate the use of copyrighted materials. We reserve the right to cancel orders we deem inappropriate or infringing on another company's copyright.