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The World's Best Custom Printed Grip Tape Products

Made in the USA with Jessup UltraGrip!


Splattergoat makes it super easy for you to create custom grip tape graphics, right on our website. Mobile & Desktop! Upload your own images, add text, or use our custom backgrounds and stock images. You’re no longer stuck with boring black grip tape. Get customized with Splattergoat!

Pick Your Sheet Size!

Create your own Grip Tape graphics with jpeg/png image uploads, custom fonts, stock images, background colors & pre-made background designs!

Skateboard - 9x33" - $19.99

Longboard - 11x44" - $24.99

Scooter - 4.8x20" or 6x24" - $15.99

Goat Facts 🐐

About The Goat

Founded early 2018 in Cleveland, Ohio USA, Splattergoat produces Custom Printed Grip Tape for the Skateboard, Longboard / Esk8, and Freestyle Scooter markets. Upload your own PNG/JPEG images, add text, use stock images and pre-made backgrounds to create your custom designs!

Made in the USA.

Things Just Got Grippier...

We're so excited to announce that as of July, 2020, Splattergoat is now using the brand new Jessup UltraGrip material for all orders! This amazing new product from Jessup pushes the envelope on what we perceive as grippy. Featuring an aggressive 60grit surface, anti-rip installation, and a super sticky adhesive. We can't wait for you to try it!

High Quality Digital Printing

We print your custom graphics directly to the surface of the Grip Tape with high quality, permanent digital inks. Printed graphics last the usable life of the product and do not alter the feeling of the tape. Use the highest quality images available when creating your custom graphics!

We Ship Worldwide

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, The Goat has you covered. USA customers have the choice of USPS or UPS, while our International homies can pick from USPS, UPS or DHL, with Standard & Express options available!

Instagram Feed!

Here you'll find tons of examples of products we've printed for customers all around the world. Doesn't matter if it's for a Skateboard, One Wheel, Longboard, Boosted, or Scooter, we can print you something awesome for it!