Custom Printed Grip Tape - Pick Your Size

$ 14.99 USD


For cut-to-size installations (skateboards, longboards, circular objects etc), it is best to have an extra inch of space on your length and width. Example: Your longboard is 9.5x38.5", you'd want to set your sheet size to 10.5x39.5". This allows you margin for error and makes the installation process easier.

Please note our generic sized sheets are 9x33, 10x34, 11x44. If you need any of these sizes, it is cheaper to use those locked templates.

Pricing is a dynamic format based on a minimum price and a square inch price, which is why the pricing changes as you alter the size.

Pricing shown in USD. Free USA shipping.

International Customers: Please note, actual shipping costs may be different than shown at checkout. If shipping is substantially more than what you were charged, we will contact you for additional payment. You can choose to have your order cancelled and refunded at that time. This may only be an issue on super wide/long sheets that push the international shipping rates into the "oversized" class, which we cannot trigger to charge with the dynamic template.

*Made in the USA with Jessup UltraGrip 3311

*High resolution digital printing

*Please allow 5-10 business days for print and production.